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Pricing by Division


Want to Sponsor a team?

We are always looking for sponsors for our teams! 

Manatee West Little League is only able to serve the kids in the community through the generous support of local businesses. These donations give kids the opportunity to thrive within a positive team environment. Since our organization relies heavily on the generosity of companies like yours, we are asking for a one time monetary donation or a team sponsorship. 

Want to sponsor a team, advertise, or donate to Manatee West Little League? Along with our sponsorship's, we now offer smaller signs. These signs can be any families last name or even dedicate a sign to a player! These signs will be placed around our park to be seen by everyone. All advertising and sponsorship's goes towards team jersey's, hats, field lights, batting cages for the players, maintenance, umpires, baseballs and much needed equipment.

If you have questions about sponsoring a team, please let us know. Drop us a line in the contact us section.

Spring 2020 Sponsor Form (pdf)



If anyone has any used and still usable equipment, please let us know. There are times players need equipment and if it is available, we provide the equipment for them. 

Used Equipment

  • Tees - for our Tee Ball division
  • Tee Balls
  • Baseballs
  • Gloves
  • Bats
  • Catchers Gear
  • Clean used pants - for players to practice in
  • Cleats

A little goes a long way for your players! We appreciate any kind of donation!!


Little League - League Finder

Little League site to determine if you need to register for AMERICAN or NATIONAL.

Visit this site to determine your registration site:

Manatee American Little League


Manatee National Little League

Manatee American Registration Site

Manatee American Little League Website

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Manatee National Registration Site

Link to Manatee National Little Leagues Registration Site

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League Presidents

Jeremy Konieczny & Josh Conn

Please email us at manateewestlittleleague@gmail.com 

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